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Forward controls added, updated pic coming soon.
Updates Below
The bottom two pics are updates, posted March 2002

2002 Updates

Engine mods include an 89 inch stroker kit with an Andrews EV5 cam, which wasn't installed right (by the dealer) the first time. While at the First Annual Biker Heaven Meet in Fort Smith, Arkansas, she broke. Damn! He and a few other BH friends replaced the head gasket, enough of a fix to get home. In the next couple of months, he had the jugs bored over .020", replaced the valves (three were bent)along with the springs, retainers and clips. Sandblasting and repainting the jugs, repainting the heads, and smoothing out the ports was next. Then the cam (with some Dremel work) was replaced, along with the lifters and blocks, pistons, and rings. Mystc figured the dealer had already screwed it up enough, so he did all the work himself. Now it just runs great, and has lots of POWER! Way to go, Mystc.

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