beeitch's "Ruby"

Ruby below belongs to beeitch. She's a 1990 Lowrider (FXR) Ruby has other names as well, depending on... well, depending! Pack Mule while she's hauling equipment and stuff, and "ole whore" cuz she's been around some. Whatever you call her, she's a beauty.

Is that a Fatboy emblem on the tank?

has a new set of pipes on her since this photo was snapped, and beeitch says she'll send updated pic as soon as she gets one.

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Below is a shot of Beeitch's son Scott's new ride, ain't it sweet!

It's a 2001 WideGlide, picked up brand new on April 25th. Beeitch says she loves riding behind her om and her son. Lucky family!

This is Scott on his new Pride & Joy, "Bandit"