Scott's New Project

Updates to come (posted March 3, 2002)

As fancy as this pic (above) looks, it's going to get even fancier. The motor, tranny and drive shown won't even be used on the finished product. The following is a list that Scott included when he sent these pics.

"Daytec 200 softail frame with stretch -TP121 motor w/polished HSR45, polished intake, compression release valves hidden, etc -Baker 6 speed .80 6th gear overdrive -BDL belt drive the 9SS. Brand new, not really released yet. BDL just put it together for me and shipped. -GMA single side combined pulley and brake system. -Wicked Brother exhaust...custom bent pipes to match the flange of the fenders. Winged tips cut into the ends, and made with double wall tubing -The tank is stretched along with the fenders. Smooth tank. All hand formed steel fenders with some sick wicked length to them. Fenders are real draggers! Even with running a 140 Metzler on the front, they are still very low! Probably way too low. Oh well. -Legends air suspension system -digital speedo built into the neck"

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